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Sutudu provides a unique platform where creators set their own prices for their music, ensuring immediate licensing upon purchase. Our transparent, contract-specific approach for each track, along with limited license availability, offers exclusivity and clarity, making Sutudu an attractive option for licensees seeking unique content. We aim to foster a fair and sustainable environment for creators, enabling them to continue producing high-quality music.

Licensing music on Sutudu is straightforward—select your track, make a purchase (as easily as you would on Amazon), and upon purchase, you receive a "Download Pack". This includes high-quality audio files and the license agreement, ensuring you have everything you need.

We offer a variety of licenses to meet different needs, including for films, TV, advertising, and corporate use, tailored to the creators' preferences. Each track comes with a comprehensive license agreement visible before purchase.

Yes. We ensure all creators agree to allow their music for commercial use worldwide, making every song on our platform suitable for various commercial projects.

Creators provide a pricing range for their music, and we find a fair price within that range. This creator-centric approach underpins our pricing model, differing from subscription services to prioritize quality and fairness.

Currently, we accept credit and debit cards. For enterprise deals, wire transfers are also an option.

Sutudu focuses on creator protection through licensing contracts, watermarking audio samples, and providing a transparent purchase and license history. Future plans include partnerships for enhanced infringement monitoring.

Yes, Sutudu allows you to preview music and download samples with watermarks to ensure the right fit before purchase.

Please report it to us. We're committed to addressing such issues directly with the creator and taking necessary actions to maintain the integrity of our platform.

For inquiries or support, users can reach out through Sutudu’s contact page

We curate our platform by partnering with talented creators and major publishers, ensuring a diverse and high-quality music library.

Limiting the number of licenses sold for each track enhances its exclusivity, ensuring the music remains distinctive and valuable. The pricing structure will be 100 of 100 licenses, which means that there are 100 licenses available.

Blockchain technology is a secure, decentralized system that records transactions across multiple computers, ensuring that each entry is both immutable and transparent. This means once a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be altered, offering a high level of security and trust.

At Sutudu, we leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize the way music licensing is managed and tracked. By recording each license sale on the blockchain, we create an indisputable record of the transaction and the license terms associated with it. This serves several purposes:

  • Transparency: Both creators and licensees can view the transaction history, ensuring an open and clear licensing process.
  • Security: The immutable nature of blockchain entries prevents unauthorized changes to license agreements once they are executed.
  • Efficiency: Automating the licensing process through blockchain technology reduces the need for manual record-keeping, making the process faster and less prone to error.
  • Innovation: Sutudu is at the forefront of adopting blockchain in the music licensing industry, offering unique advantages like enhanced rights management and verification of ownership.

In essence, Sutudu’s use of blockchain embeds trust and transparency into the fabric of our platform, aligning with our commitment to protect creators' rights while providing a seamless experience for those licensing music. As the platform evolves, we plan to expand our blockchain capabilities to further benefit our community of creators and licensees.

Not necessarily. For Sutudu users, engaging with cryptocurrencies isn’t required. Transactions on our platform are conducted in fiat currency (e.g., USD), ensuring a familiar and straightforward purchasing process. When you purchase a license on Sutudu, the transaction is recorded on the blockchain, creating a transparent and immutable ledger that verifies the ownership of the license. This blockchain transaction is managed by Sutudu, allowing anyone who understands blockchain technology to verify the authenticity and ownership of the license without directly dealing with cryptocurrencies.

At this time, Sutudu is not accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for licenses. While our platform is equipped with blockchain technology, and we're excited about the potential of cryptocurrency, our current focus is on keeping the purchasing process as simple and accessible as possible for all users. We recognize that the concept of managing digital wallets and cryptocurrencies can be complex and might introduce confusion for both our licensees and creators. By prioritizing fiat payments, we aim to maintain clarity and ease for everyone involved. As the digital currency landscape evolves, we remain open to exploring how cryptocurrencies might integrate into our platform in the future, always with the goal of enhancing transparency and efficiency in our licensing transactions.